Today's Energy:

What is your heart’s desire? Today is an excellent day to ponder that question. What do you think that truly makes your heart sing? Focus on your true inner happiness. Bring to life what truly brings you joy. And in doing so feel worthy enough to have your heart’s desire. When you live in tune with your heart’s desire, you come into alignment with the flow of natural energy. Since your heart is located in the middle of your chest, both your physical and spiritual well being are affected by your emotional energy. Let love be your guide and you will flourish in all realms.

Chakra Healing:

Let your heart chakra support self-love and self-care. A blocked heart chakra can cause feelings of disconnection to yourself and the world around you. It can bring forward feelings of unworthiness. As you work on unblocking this charka a lot of emotional stuff may come up. And that’s okay, because you are strong enough to work through it. As you open your heart chakra, so too do you open yourself to the universal love that surrounds you.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Sit quietly and breathe love into your heart chakra area. See this chakra expand with each breath that you send to it. Feel it grow in size and see the energy begin to unblock and swirl in the most lovely shade of green. Picture your body as a house. See each of  your seven chakras occupying a room in that house, with your heart chakra in the center of the house. See wires emanating from your heart chakra being sent out to the other six chakras, connecting them. Continue to breathe love into your heart chakra and notice how this love travels to the other chakras via the wires, illuminating them. See how the whole house glows with love. Believe that as you rewire your thoughts and send love to yourself, you impact yourself and the world around you in a very positive way. When you feel ready, bring the seven chakras back to their places in your body. Open your eyes. 

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I use love to rewire how I view myself and the world.”