Today's Energy:

Passion is what makes for great change: in a person, a family, or even a culture. The energy of passion is not simply sexual, it is also the root of compassion: passion that is shared with another being. Passion isn’t just a feeling that you get when doing something you enjoy. The heart of passion is an experience of suffering. Your passion is what you’re willing to suffer for. Today’s energy is working to strengthen the bridge between your personal passion and embracing the suffering of others through love. Only when you are drawn forward by the energy of your own passion can you extend a loving embrace and deeply connect with other beings.

Chakra Healing:

Passion flows from the sacral chakra, but the challenge of today is to allow that energy to move freely up to the heart chakra. In order for energy to flow in abundance from your green chakra at your heart’s center, the energy must first be accessible in your lower chakras. The orange, sacral chakra is fundamental to how you relate to others and serves as the foundation for the love radiating from your heart. Allow your own passion to move you and you will find it easier to connect in a loving way with everything around you.

Mindfulness Meditation:

 Begin today’s meditation seated. Rest your eyes and send attention to your breath. Take long, deep breaths as you clear the path for your body’s energy to flow unblocked. After you’ve fallen into a slow pattern, channel your breath down into your belly. Feel your abdomen stretch and relax, the air’s life-giving presence clearing away any fear holding you back from the passion that could light up your path. As your sacral chakra spins with increased momentum, you may feel the urge to stand up and walk, run, or even dance. Feel the boundless energy of your passion fueling your love for the whole Universe. The next time you talk to someone – anyone – say “I love you.”

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I feel the passion at the root of boundless love, and know that a passionate spirit draws in gifts from above.