Today's Energy:

Clarity is the quality of the mind which allows the depths to be revealed. Still water lets us see to the bottom of a pool. When the mind is no longer an obstacle between body and spirit, we have the freedom to peer into the great mystery. The energy of our mind is often too busy for the wonders of life to reveal themselves to us. We often experience this as nagging, doubts, to-do lists, and guilt. When the energy of our mind-body-spirit is able to move easily throughout our whole selves, the blockade created by our own mind disperses.

Chakra Healing:

The third-eye chakra is the focal point of our mental energy. When the energy becomes trapped there, the mind is unable to get out of its own way and we end up seeing only what we expect. Resting our physical eyes and trusting the sight of the indigo energy center on our brow strengthens our ability to see into the world more deeply.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Lie flat on your back and spread out your limbs to take up space. Sweep your limbs through the air until you feel totally comfortable in this small sanctuary of space you have created. Lower your eyelids and allow your breath to flow naturally. Curl in your left arm until your thumb rests atop your brow, near the center of your forehead. Massage the area in slow circles, feeling the rest of your body ease into restful stillness. Feel the indigo energy steadily increase until you can almost see the glow from behind your eyelids. With humility, send that energy all throughout your body so your chakra remains a small jewel. Slowly open your eyes and return to the world where your vision is now clear as crystal.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

I see clearly now, as tranquility rests upon my brow.