Today's Energy:

Although it often feels like you are separate from the Universe, today’s energy reminds you that this separateness is illusory. It is a day for attuning the energy of your mind-body-spirit to the whole energetic field of the Cosmos. Feeling a difference between yourself and the world is just a way for the Universe to see Itself. Your senses and your emotions are the foundation of experience, but all experience is of the One. When ‘you’ are in tune with It, all is beautiful, magical, and divine.

Chakra Healing:

As energy moves from the Universe and through our physical being, it can become trapped in lower vibrational frequencies, making us feel like we are cut off and estranged. When the seven major energy centres of the body are in tune with one another, their resonance mimics the energy patterns of the Cosmos. Focus on clearing your energetic pathways so that your whole being vibrates in harmony with All-That-Is.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Take a comfortable seat on the Earth, whether grass, sand, dirt, wood, or stone. Close your eyes and slowly deepen your breathing. When you’ve formed a comfortable, slow rhythm, send your breath down to your root chakra. Feel the life-giving air loosen and start to spin the red wheel of energy at the base of your spine. When you feel the energy pulsing with movement, send your breath deep into your belly where the sacral chakra lies. Repeat these steps, opening each chakra one by one. You may hear the resonating sound of each chakra as it’s cleared, eventually creating a harmonised tone vibrating throughout your whole body. Let you mind and spirit tune in to this sound, and realize that this is the symphony of the Cosmos playing ‘you’: right here, right now.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I attune to the symphony of the Universe and know that All is as it should be: no better, no worse.”