Today's Energy:

Today’s energy asks you to turn your direct focus away from yourself and to someone else. It is by sharing that you maintain an open, balanced heart chakra. Use today to share a kind word, a smile, or a kind gesture to a stranger. This lets the other person know that you see them – and we all want to be seen! Extend this focus to friends and family – drop a quick note in the mail, pick up the phone for a quick chat or check-in (yes, the phone!). You increase your capacity to receive love when you have the courage to offer it to others.

Chakra Healing:

Maintaining a balanced heart chakra will increase your capacity for compassion and inter-connectedness with others around you. If you’ve been feeling impatient, judgmental, and disconnected from friends, family, or people in general, you’re heart chakra could use some unblocking. You open this chakra by giving what you want to receive – kindness, acknowledgment, patience, trust, and generosity.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Today’s meditation is best done outdoors, in the company of people. Find a place to sit – it might be a bench, or if you’re in a park or at the beach you could sit in a chair that you’ve brought along. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Ideally you would be holding a green stone such as jade in your hand. If you don’t have a stone, pick up something green from nature if it’s nearby – such as a leaf. Bring your hand to your heart area and then release it to your side. Look around at the people passing by. Don’t judge or label. Don’t create a story for them. Just look. Send each person love by envisioning green strings of energy emanating from your heart chakra and flowing gently to their heart area. Know that this energy is being felt by each and every one of them. Take a deep breath in and close this meditation by bringing these green strings of loving energy back to your heart area.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“Simple and quick does the trick in connecting me with others.”