Today's Energy:

See if you can be still enough to feel the subtle vibrations of the world around you. When you settle in, you begin to notice what you would otherwise miss moving too fast. By moving with gentleness, you become more attuned to your surroundings. Paying attention to this energy brings you into alignment with the natural flow. Everything, living and nonliving, emits a certain frequency. Discover the potent energy of these objects and you’ll be bolstered by their wisdom. In this way, you can move with ease and harmony.

Chakra Healing:

Open your sacral chakra to feel the energy around you. When this chakra is opened and aligned, you are naturally more relational. You feel and perceive the energy of people, animals, plants, and objects around you.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Find a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Begin to sense your sacral chakra awakening. Notice the glowing ball of orange energy becoming activated just below your naval. Breathe into this energy and feel a sense of stillness sweeping over you. Allow this gentle feeling to move down your legs, then across your arms, into your heart, and upward to your head. Let your whole body relax as this sensation flows through you. Set the intention to be still enough to feel the energy around you today. Meditate in this quiet space for as long as you feel called. When you are fulfilled and centered, return to normal waking consciousness and open your eyes.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“In stillness I feel the subtle vibrations of my surroundings.”