Today's Energy:

Today is all about commitment. Promises made to others, as well as ourselves, gain their power and energy for change from how dedicated we are to seeing them through. Speaking this commitment out loud to ourselves re-energizes the promise and brings our vision into closer alignment with the world. Once the energy of your voice is sent out as a living, moving vibration, it can begin to resonate. This creates a veritable vortex for your commitment to draw in more energy, strengthening your dedication and attracting others who wish to share this vibration.

Chakra Healing:

Too often, we make commitments to ourselves which end up fizzling out after a short while. We forget that our voice, emerging from our throat chakra, is a powerful force for manifestation and we fail to take full advantage of it. Remember that your voice is always available – whether you speak, sing, or write – and that it becomes stronger and clearer with practice.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Stand somewhere elevated, even if it’s just a few inches off the ground. You may carry a deep fear of being seen and heard, so standing high and proud will help to remove such fear-based blockages in your throat chakra. Deepen your breath, like you are about to shout across a great distance. Feel the Universe prepared to receive your words with love. Now hum. The sky blue energy of your throat chakra will begin to resonate along with your vocal cords, swirling and blossoming. Prepare your voice for its debut by humming at different pitches: low, high, middle. When you feel the vital force resonating in your whole throat, open your mouth and speak your commitment. Use this technique again when you’re feeling drained and want to reaffirm your dedication to this vision.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

My commitments need the energy of my voice, so I can witness the fruits of my vision and rejoice.