Today's Energy:

Balance is the key to energy flow. If a chakra is blocked or underactive the energy flow is lessened, or possibly diminished. Conversely, your chakras can also be overactive creating too much energy flow. As work on opening chakras, balance is important because it teaches you moderation and patience. There are always going to be extremes that tempt you in one direction or the other. Your path to wisdom is discovered by learning to walk the middle path with conscious awareness and intention.

Chakra Healing:

If your third eye chakra there’s a good possibility that you are experiencing “analysis paralysis,” which is overthinking to the point of being unable to take action. Think of this as a circuit overload where so much energy is flowing in via your intuition that you are unable to sort through what actions you should be taking first and which ones can be put on the backburner. You are being offered so many choices or directions to the point of overwhelm. Work on slowing the flow of this fast-moving energy to return to a place of balance.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Yoga is a good way to work with the flow of energy to your third eye chakra. Choose a quiet place to do this yoga meditation in the child’s pose position. Child’s pose offers relaxation and stretching for your body, especially your back and is also good for the relaxation of your over-active mind.  Kneel on the floor, preferably on a rug or yoga mat, with your forehead touching the mat and your toes touching. Allow your arms to lay by your side, palms facing upward. Relax into this position and allow your hips to open and your back to stretch. Breathe slowly and deeply. Allow your mind to relax, notice your thoughts and allow them come and go but do not offer them a place to rest inside your mind. Notice your breathing and use it to calm your mind. Focus your gaze inward with eyes closed. When you feel ready, release one long breath and slowly move your body up to a kneeling upright position. Slowly stand and shake your limbs.

Positive Affirmation Of The Day:

“I control my thoughts, my thoughts don’t control me.”