Today's Energy Oracle Card Is...

Credits: “Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards” by Tori Hartman


You may be experiencing a heavy, despondent energy at this time. Even everyday tasks might be becoming too much for you at the moment. Perhaps even small things like combing your hair or cleaning your carpets seem too much right now. However, it’s crucial for you to keep on going. By creating new movement and energy, positive changes can and will occur. So, bear this in mind in order to create the life you have been hoping for.

You need to recharge your batteries to get your life into motion again. If you do nothing then nothing will happen. 

Personal Inquiry:

Why do I feel immobilised? Am I ready to trust myself to take steps to move my life forward?

Imagine you’re in a large room with a beautiful and endless view of the countryside. Suddenly you are carried by the wind to a place of sadness. Ask your guide which route to take. You will find that your answers will come to you quickly. Open your eyes as you feel calming energy washing over you. You no longer feel despondent.

Positive Affirmation:

I am not helpless. I take action now to change my life!