Today's Energy Oracle Card Is...

Credits: “Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards” by Tori Hartman


Today there is a sense of acceptance relating to a discovery you have made. If you weren’t completely prepared for this in the past, you are now more ready than ever. Your life is buzzing with excitement as you are about to embark on an unknown journey. As of now, the outcome is unknown, which adds to the fun. Have fun on your new adventure!

 It is best not to waste your time trying to reclaim a past that you’ve outgrown. Some people and/or situations no longer serve your highest good. Therefore, now is the time to release something that is not good for you.

Personal Inquiry:

How satisfied am I with my current situation? Does it detract from or enhance my happiness? I have to put myself first in order to heal.

Take some time to reflect on a passion you have. Connect with the positive feelings you experience when you think about this. Don’t let anything in your life bother you anymore. Instead, let these amazing emotions take over. How does that make you feel?

Positive Affirmation:

Taking action to release what does not serve me allows me to learn so much about myself.