Today's Energy Oracle Card Is...

Credits: “Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards” by Tori Hartman


Today, take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life where you feel supported. You can be discouraged or inspired by this card depending on how you feel in your heart. However, the main message today is that perseverance is the only way to happiness. Get things moving again by forging forward. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

You are more likely to align with your higher purpose when you stay on track with your chosen job, project, or study. Keeping your life in balance is important to your success. Remember that what you’re working towards will happen even if you cannot see it now.

Personal Inquiry:

How can I stop being so distracted? How can I let go of worries so I can keep going?

Imagine walking down a path obstructed by a glass wall as you wear a heavy, long coat. As you shake off the coat, you begin to feel a sense of confidence returning. You can see your goals through the glass. You see yourself stepping forward and managing to pass through the wall. You know that within a short time you will be able to accomplish anything you wish!

Positive Affirmation:

Despite my fears, I will overcome them. It will not be easy, but I will not give up!