Today's Energy Oracle Card Is...

Credits: “Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards” by Tori Hartman


Currently, there is a strong pull towards service to others. You have the ability today to make the most amazing emotional connections that will last a long time. The card may also be a message of not appreciating what you have right now.

Is it possible for you to see your reality for what it is? Despite feeling like you’re missing out on a lot, your guide shows that you have what you need. Take the time to review where you are right now in your life. You see, for you to enjoy serving others, you may need to let go of what you think you’re owed.

Personal Inquiry:

How much should I give? Can I give anything? When I think about service, how does it inspire me? How can I make the most of the opportunities I have right now?

Take a trip to your favorite place in your mind and relax. What makes it so special to you? Search deeply within yourself to find out why you love it so much. As you think about the times when others have helped you as you have helped them, be thankful that you are there. 

Positive Affirmation:

The joy of serving others gives me a sense of satisfaction and builds precious memories!